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Anonymous said: A PIC OF YOURSELF NOW

Otacon feels the safest and most fulfilled during the post-sex moments he spends with Snake

I’ve lost three followers wow way to go drunk me



Can I add to the MGS sex party??

there’s an MGS sex party? And we’re talking about Snake and Otacon?
And I didn’t know about this WHY?!

We’re all drunk on google hangouts right now

Am I seeing this right? Is Vale talking about fluffy headcanons?

Sunny accidentally walking in on Snake and Otacon having sex the end

After the Big Shell Snake and Otacon celebrated by getting a bit drunk, which transitions into the two of them starting to have drunk sex, but Snake passes out in the middle of it.

Small chested fem!Hal is so important like she’s so insecure about taking her shirt off in front of Solid even after they’ve had sex but once she does Solid can’t keep his hands off them.

Fem!hal actually has a really small chest, and Solid gets off to it

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