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chlöe howl | rumour

i’m just trying to work out how to be like myself
i’m just trying to work out these cards i’ve been dealt

x music

Also if anyone here likes fem!hawke/fenris I highly recommend the fanfiction Little Pieces

For curiosity’s sake, do you prefer male or female Hawke? Particularly with Fenris. Or do you not have a preference?

I have played DA2 with both genders as all classes and all temperaments and I think my favorite is male!humorous!hawke since I love the way his VA delivers those lines (whereas I love fem!hawke’s VA for the diplomatic route), so normally I pair him with m!hawke, but honestly whatever incarnation doesn’t matter to me I just love seeing those two together

It’s been four years since DA2 came out and I still can’t look at fenris/hawke stuff without getting emotional

laharlgirl said: W-who is that man jfccccccccccccccccccccccccccc hotttt

Ahhh his name is Gideon Emery, he’s a VA/Actor from South Africa famous for his roles in Teen Wolf as well as for playing Fenris in Dragon Age 2 and Balthier in the FF games. And pretty much every guard in Skyrim. 

He’s also



Happy Birthday Gideon Emery, (September 12, 1972)

thatkindoffangirl replied to your post: specularoperations replied to your pos…

"My teeth have always been perfectly straight, brother!" "Yeah, unlike the rest." "EXCUSE ME"

For some reason I love the idea of a Solid that just continually throws shade at every opportunity 

specularoperations replied to your post: If you think I’m letting go of the hea…

what if Liquid learns about it and never lets it go because it’s the only thing he can feel superior about

Liquid would so be petty enough to use that too

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